Choose your tissue-specific ECM substrate based on the tissue and organ of origin.


Whether you work in drug development, cancer research, 3D models, or other areas, choose the right product for you based on your research area.

Data Packages

First-in-class clinical, physiological, and molecular data packages connect experimental results to the human disease context to enable more predictive decision-making in drug discovery.


What are tissue-specific ECMs?

Tissue-specific ECMs are a series of native extracellular matrix (ECM) products derived from a variety of natural organs and optimized for ease of use in research. Extracellular matrix is isolated directly from natural organs like bone, heart, liver, and lung and processed into multiple product formats for use in cell and tissue culture studies.

What are the advantages of culturing my cells with tissue-specific ECM substrates?

Tissue-specific ECM substrates provide your cells a host of native, bioactive micro-environmental factors not present in other cell culture substrates. Unlike tumor basement membrane extracts, tissue-specific ECM products do not contain any exogenous growth factors.

What is the source of organs used to derive tissue-specific ECM products?

Tissue-specific ECM products are derived from natural organs of porcine or human origin.

What is the TissueSpec® ECM Scaffold substrate?

TissueSpec® ECM Scaffolds are custom made acellular tissue sections, derived from human normal and diseased lung and liver sources, that retain the matrix architecture and ultrastructural properties of the original tissue.

Are Xylyx products available outside of the US?

Xylyx products are available in multiple worldwide locations through our growing global distributor network. For more details, visit our distributors page.