TissueSpec® Bone, Liver, and Lung ECM substrates enable disease-relevant in-vitro models of pre-metastatic tissue microenvironments.

E. Aranda1, E. Gadee1, I. Germanguz1, J.C. Xiong1, N. Kissel1, A. Nichols1, D.P. Daly1, D. Shvartsman2, D. Deems2, J.D. O’Neill1* 1 Xylyx Bio, Brooklyn, New York, USA 2 Cellaria, Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA

Current in-vitro models of metastasis fail to recapitulate the critical cell–matrix interactions involving the pre-metastatic extracellular matrix (ECM) of liver, lung, and bone tissues. Tissue-specific ECM substrates have biochemical and mechanical features that enable disease-relevant in-vitro modeling of metastatic processes in bone, liver, and lung tissue microenvironments and are compatible with 3D applications and assays.

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