Xylyx Bio platform technology enables drug candidates to be tested IN MATRICO™ to inform better decision making in drug discovery. Using proprietary methods to extract tissue-specific ECMs directly from different organs, we bring the complex human disease microenvironment to drug testing workflows to accelerate the discovery of life saving drugs.

IN-MATRICO Disease Models

Cells reside in and are regulated by their tissue-specific extracellular matrix – or ‘ECM’. The interactions between cells and ECM directly affect drug response. Xylyx is shifting the paradigm in drug discovery from in vitro to IN MATRICO™, through the incorporation of tissue and disease-specific ECMs, to increase predictiveness and confidence in preclinical drug testing across devastating diseases such as cancer and fibrosis.

Clinical Context

Detailed reports on the human organ donor, tissue pathology, and matrisome provide clinical context at the patient, tissue, and molecular levels.

Predictive Drug Discovery

Xylyx technology increases confidence in the drug discovery study design and interpretation of the drug testing results.


What is extracellular matrix?

Extracellular matrix (ECM) is made up of molecules secreted by cells that provide cells with structural and biochemical support – the essential cell microenvironment. It contains collagens, elastin, fibronectin laminins, and other essential components fundamental for all multi-cellular life.

Why is extracellular matrix important?

Extracellular matrix provides shape, integrity and motion for all multicellular living organisms, and is essential for cell function and regeneration. ECM is indispensable for both embryonic development and tissue remodeling in the adult. “Without ECM, multicellular life could not exist, plants would not grow tall, and animals could neither swim nor walk nor fly.” WH Lewis