About / Company Background

Xylyx Bio spun out of Columbia University’s renowned Laboratory for Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering in 2016 to enable more accurate and actionable drug discovery and development for patients in need.


Existing models in drug discovery do not adequately replicate native physiology, impeding scientists’ ability to translate research to patients and costing biotech and pharma companies significant time and money in the quest to bring lifesaving drugs to market.


Rather than isolated components or synthetic materials, Xylyx Bio’s proprietary platform saves pharma time and money in drug discovery by bringing early insight into the efficacy of candidate compounds to increase accuracy and accelerate decision-making in pre-clinical lead compound testing, unlike non-physiologic and thus non-predictive results currently obtained from existing in vitro systems and animal models.


Our goal is to transform medicine by shifting the drug discovery paradigm from entrenched non-physiologic, non-predictive in-vitro models to more predictive, accurate and actionable IN MATRICO models and corresponding clinical data and services.

What we do

Xylyx harnesses the power of extracellular matrix (ECM) – the body’s natural essential cellular microenvironment – to create biomaterials that provide cells with complex structural support and biochemical signals required for cellular function. Xylyx biomaterials comprise both the mechanical properties and complex ratios of the cellular environment specific and unique to organ type and disease state, enabling drug candidates to be investigated in vitro in a human-relevant environment. By recapitulating the defining physiological feature of human disease, Xylyx Bio’s In Matrico™ Platform brings much-needed insight into the efficacy of candidate compounds consistent with clinical results.

Why is extracellular matrix important?

Extracellular matrix provides shape, integrity and motion for all multicellular living organisms, and is essential for cell function and regeneration. ECM is indispensable for both embryonic development and tissue remodeling in the adult. “Without ECM, multicellular life could not exist, plants would not grow tall, and animals could neither swim nor walk nor fly.” WH Lewis

Competitive advantage

Competing systems are not physiologic and thus non-predictive, failing to recapitulate human disease and contributing to high cost and late stage failures in drug discovery. Existing products derive from a single component (e.g., collagen I) or rodent extracts (e.g. Matrigel, etc.). Lack of key physiologic benefits hinders predictive value, a major shortcoming that costs pharma time and money in the quest for effective drug candidates. In contrast, Xylyx products bring critical value to drug development efforts by supporting pharma in frontloading attrition earlier in the discovery process and thus reducing substantial costs associated with late-stage attrition due to poor efficacy and toxicity.

“Xylyx Bio” ( /‘zi,liks bio /)

The name Xylyx is derived from ‘xylo-’, the Greek root for ‘wood’, thus encompassing the central importance of the natural environment. The dual x’s echo the sound of ‘extracellular matrix’, while the lines of the x’s and y’s create a visual network that reflects the intersecting fibers of the matrix. The Xylyx logo brings a sharp visual identity that is bold and scientific. The encircling lines are comprised of multiple intersecting elements, representing the Company’s expertise in different markets.